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The Precitec Shilpi TB Series machines is very precise and versatile Heavy Duty Horizontal Table Boring and Milling Machines offer the latest technologies with reliability.Built on modular principles using state-of-the-art design methodologies including FEM, they are suited for accurate machining operations.

Applications :
Shilpi is ideal for gear box, power plant equipment, valves pumps and compressors casings and parts, indust machinery and machine tools and aerospace components.
Shilpi along with appropriate accessories provides total solutions to any customer need including line boring solutions extended strokes, continuous table rotation or with C-axis and also CNC universal heads [A and B axes]. Options like tool probing and monitoring, work probing and remote diagnostics are also offered.


  • Rigid, double-box type Column for Y axes. Both front and back LM rail supports ensure great rigidity and least deflection of spindle housing under operation
  • High Case hardened and super finished boring spindle and spindle guides ensure very low wear and tear
  • T-type design with table moving only along fully supported X axis ensures maximum rigidity for machining as jobs. Z-axis movement is provided for column itself with centrally supported spindle ensures there are no overhang loads and hence provides for the best accuracy
  • Structure made of high grade cast iron is used to withstand heavy cutting load
  • Caxis servo-indexing with high precision table encoder.CNC controls standard Siemens 828D/Fanuc oiMD controller optional Siemens 840 DSL Fanuc-3 IM controls
  • Power Draw-bar and High pressure through coolant arrangement on spindle
  • Two speed geared drive for spindle ensures very good speed range with high cutting torques
  • Guards either for table only or full enclosure Choice of ATCs (fixed on column and floor bed)
  • Universal Milling heads with Manual or servo-tilting available Facing slides or heads available for both on Housing and Spindle mounting
  • Linear scales for all three axes as standard




Spindle Diameter (mm) 110 130
Spindle Nose 7/24 Taper ISO-50 7/24 Taper ISO-50


Size (mm) 1200X1400 1600X2000


X-Axis (mm) 1800 3000
Y-Axis (mm) 1500 2100
Z-Axis (Column Movement) (mm) 1200 1500
W-Axis (Spindle Movement) (mm) 630 700
B-Axis - Table (deg) 360 360

Head Stock

Spindle Drive Motor Power (kW) 22/26 (30/35) 22/26 (30/35)
No of Gear Steps 2 2
Speed Range (RPM) 1.8 to 2000 1.6 to 2000

Axes Feed Motor

X-Axis (Nm) 27 27
Y-Axis (Nm) 27 27
Z-Axis (Spindle Movement) (Nm) 27 27
W-Axis (Spindle Movement) (Nm) 11 16
B-Axis (Table) (Nm) 16 22

CNC Controls

Standard - Fanuc OimD / Siemens 828D
Optional - Siemens 840DSI / Fanuc 3I

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