VTL-630 1 (4)
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VTL-630 1 (4)
VTL-630 1 (5)
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Sadaa Chakra - SC 500 and 630 size machines are robust, compact and fast machines.
Modular and Flexible Platform
Different configurations available to suit a variety of applications like high medium volume production or job working shops and easily configurable based on your requirements. Option of Different Controls.

Typical Jobs:

Automobile: Tractor and LCV Rear Axle Carriers, Truck Brake drums and brake rotor disks, aluminum wheel machining, wheel and rim machining, flywheel and housing components

Valve and Engineering Industries: flow nozzles and pipe flanges, valve and pump housings and components, gear, bearing

Aerospace: turbine rings, aerospace components etc. are some of the jobs which can be done on our machines.


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  • Compact footprint well laid out machine saves space and ensures easy approach for any maintenance
  • Well designed guarding: Provides fully open front for easy loading/unloading large, for better workflow management
  • Easy Coolant and chip management, base with integral slopes and well laid out coolant tank and chip conveyor with easy approach
  • Modular concept allows selecting type of
    i) Tooling: Linear Turret or Live Tools

    ii) Fixturing: Standard VTL Table, chuck or special fixtures

    iii) Controls:Siemens/Fanuc CNC systems

  • Choice of controller positioning: Convenient CNC positioning in front for job shops or at side for mass production shops
  • Special features: Integrated Loading and unloading arrangements.
  • Options: Tool probes, Grinding


Specifications500 TC-TL500 TC-CT630 TC-TL630 TC-CT

Working Range

Max. Dia For Facing & OD Turning (mm) 630 630 750 750
Max. Swing (mm) 700 700 800 800
Day Light (mm) 500 500 500 500

Table Range

Table Dia (mm) 500 400 630 500
Speed Range (RPM) 5-1000 5-1000 4-800 4-800
No of speed ranges 1 1 1 1
Type of drive Belt drive/(Gear box drive) Belt drive/(Gear box drive) Belt drive/(Gear box drive) Belt drive/(Gear box drive)


X Axis Stroke 630 400 700 450
Z Axis Stroke 630 630 630 630
Cutting Feed Rate (mm/min) 0.5-2000 0.5-2000 0.5-2000 0.5-2000
CNC System Fanuc OiTF Siemens 840DSL Siemens 828D Siemens 808D
Overall Machine Size (H X W X D) 3.3m X 2.3m X 2.3m 3.3m X 2.3m X 2.3m 3.6m X 2.6m X 2.4m 3.6m X 2.6m X 2.4m


  • TC-TL : Turning Center - Turning-Linear-Tooling
  • TC-CT : Turning Center - Chcuk-Turret


Grinding Head

Power2.2kW,220V/415V,50 Hz
Motor Speed in full power.1500 rpm
Rated Torque @ 1500 rpm14 N-m

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