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The machine is meant for carrying out facing and centring operation on shafts of varied range fast and efficiently in one set up. The machine is specially designed for motor shafts, gear box output shafts etc which require drilling and tapping of the center hole also to be done either on one end or both end.

The machine has to cater vide range of jobs from 25 mm dia to 120 mm dia and lengths from 220 mm to 1200 mm.

Another feature of the machine is easy set up change from one type which is very essential for smaller batch quantities.

The machine is capable of plunge facing and centring and also by milling for larger diameters.

Applications :  Machining of  motor shafts, gear box output shafts


  • Modular Construction using proven "Precitec' slide & Spindle Units
  • Hi-precision boring spindles with angular contact bearing for Double Ended Boring  Machines
  • Rigid Milling Spindle with Taper Roller Bearing for Facing and Centering Machine
  • Well designed Bed for easy chip flow to the rear of the Machine
  • Standard Machines with Hydraulic feed with Rapid forward, cutting feed and rapid return auto cycle
  • Optional CNC/Programmable AC Servo feed for slides with ball screw and nut driveAppropriate well planned
  • Facing, Centering or boring tools provided
  • Automatic Cycles with PLC/CNC based controls Facing and centering machines with separate spindle units
  • Variable Spindle speed with AC drive arrangement
  • Option of job specific fixturing or self centering vices
  • Well designed localised or full Guarding to avoid coolant splash
  • Optional Through Coolant and Flush Coolant arrangement
  • Additional cross feed or indexing arrangement for job or spindle can be provided


Double Ended Boring Machine

SpecificationsModel DB40Model DB50
Spindle Type UMS-200 UMS-250
Nose ISO 40 ISO 50
Power (kW) 2.2(3.7,5.6) 3.7(5.6,7.5)
Slide Unit Precitec US 200 Precitec US 250
Feed Strokes (mm) 200(400,630) 250(400,630)
Slide Feed Hydraulic/AC Servo Hydraulic/AC Servo

Facing & Centering Machine

SpecificationsModel FC40Model FC50
Spindle Type PUSF-H40 UMS-250
Nose ISO 40 ISO 50
Power (kW) 3.7(5.6,7.5) 7.5(5.6)
Slide Unit Quill Type In-Buit with PUSF-H40 Precitec US 200
Feed Strokes (mm) 125 250(400,630)
Slide Feed Hydraulic/AC Servo Hydraulic/AC Servo


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