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The Plate Edge Milling Machine is a Special Purpose Machine developed for edge milling of plates upto 250mm thick with carbide cutters. The machine is capable of doing face milling operation. Also milling head will be given with a tilting facility for carrying bevelling operation at any required angle.


Applications :  Used for Edge Preparation of Sheet, Plate Edge Bevelling for Heavy Fabrication Works.


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Specifications Values
Operations that can be done Face milling with carbide cutter,drilling,boring, tapping,end milling etc.
Spindle unit Precitec UMP20I
Spindle Nose Taper ISO 50
Quill movement 125mm/manual with locking facility
Spindle Speed 2 ranges
Low : 75/160/320
High. 250/500/1000
Corresponding motor power 7.5/15/15 HP
Horizontal slide (Base Slide) stroke 2500 mm
Vertical slide stroke 600 mm
Horizontal Ram stroke 400 mm
Horizontal feed rate 20 to 600 mm/min
Vertical feed rate 20 to 600 mm/min
Spindle / Ram feed rate 20 to 600 mm/min
Feed motors, speed control 3 HP, AC induction motor
Upgradability To CNC conversion
Rapid traverse rates for all 3 axis 800 mm/min
Spindle Run Out 0.01 T.I.R.
Perpendicularity of the slides with each other 0.03 /1000 mm


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