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CNC Multi Spindle Drill are designed for high performance using throw away carbide inserts.They are very rigidly constructed using Modular concepts and Drilling can be carried out without need of any Jig plates and with highly reduced operational costs.


Performance Highlights

  • Job : Wheel Disc
  • Pre Hole Dia. : 22mm
  • Finish  Dia. With Chamfer at Top: 27mm
  • Drilling Depth : 14 to 15 mm
  • Type of Tool : Carbide tipped Throw away Inserts
  • Results Achieved:
    • Floor to Floor Cycle Time : 14 to 16 sec
    • Surface Finish: 1.6 to 3.2 Ra
    • Cp/Cpk Value : 1.67
    • Increase in Production : 4 Times in Comparison with HSS Tool
    • Change of Setup : 30 min.
    • Reduced Operational tooling cost


Applications :  Wheel Disk, Break Drums, Valve bodies and generally the jobs requiring multiple Drilling, Reaming, Chamfering operation on the Top Surfaces. Using by adding specially designed job holding devices and automatic loading and unloading devices equipments extremely high production rate can be achieved.


  • Drilling capacity upto 30mm.
  • Spindle heads upto 10 spindles in single unit.
  • Spindle speed and feed rate are programmable and can be changed within the cycle for different operations like drilling, boring & chamfering.
  • Highly reliable in controlling dimensional, positional and surface finish values of holes.
  • High torque upto 75 Nm per Spindle is available for heavy drilling.
  • Tool length adjustment in steps of 20 microns and does not require frequent adjustments.
  • Easy chip disposal.
  • Well planned & directed coolant system.


Main spindle Motor (KW) Std. 15(11,18,22)
Spindle Speed Range (RPM) 100-3000 Infinitely variable
Drilling diameter (mm) Std. Cartridge type with preloaded precision bearings
Spindle Power (KW) Std. 8 to 40
Feed Strokes (mm) Upto 3.7( 7.5 )
Feed rate (mm / min) 0-3000 Programmable
Drilling Thrust ( Max) Kgf 4000
Vertical axis Stroke (mm) Std. 400(630,800)
Vertical Slide Unit 'Precitec' US 400
CNC Std. Siemens 802 D SL
Main spindle assembly
(Replaceable – details of multi spindle head provided with machine)
Example of one type of head is given below
No of spindles 6 nos.
Cartridge Diameter 63 mm
Cartridge type PCS-Ǿ63-22
Spindle Power (KW) Std. 170 mm
Drive ratio 1:1
Feed rate (mm / min) 0-3000 Programmable
Max. Drill Capacity 30 mm
Max. Speed 3000 RPM


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