The RotaFace is the latest addition to our In-situ Flange Facing product category. Compared to the RotaMill, RotaFace has a much smaller facing range of 0.55-1.55 metres, besides extremely modular clamping and tooling systems as well as multiple options for drive units. Thus, RotaFace affords exceptional versatility and is ideal for smaller-scale operations in a variety of industries, from those in the heavy engineering sector to MRO / MRU players.

In our In-situ Flange Facing family of machines, the RotaMill has already established its credentials for various machining tasks, from face milling, ID/OD milling, face grinding, ID/OD grinding drilling, boring and index drilling to edge preparation. With a long, horizontal rotating arm and a facing range of 1.5-16 metres, the RotaMill has proven itself in large-scale and ultra large-scale machining tasks that are typically performed in heavy engineering industries.

Multiple Rotary Drive Options, Modular Clamping & Tooling

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