• Rigid Fabricated and Stress relieved Octagonal shaped base
  • All 8 Faces are accurately machined for interchangeability
  • Easy mantling and Dismantling
  • Rigid rotary table to rotate rotary arm driven by worm and worm wheel reduction gear box
  • Precitec US-320 slide unit for linear movement of rotary arm driven by Ball Screw and Nut Assembly supported by rigid thrust bearings
  • 8 clamping arms for rigid clamping with clamping jacks at the ends which are operated manually and Hydraulic
  • Milling Head is mounted on T-Slots of rotating arm with Indexing arrangement in milling Head for Edge preparation for Welding
  • Various options of speed range and spindle power to suit customers job requirement.
  • Counter balancing assembly is mounted to balance the overhang of rotating arms and milling Head
  • Available in 3 models 3-5m, 5-10m, 10-16m.
  • Trolley for Hydraulic motor and Electrical panel for moving to different places with is constructed water proof with all sides covered.
  • Leveling alignment brackets


IFFB 3000 > 0.9-3mInsitu Flange Facing Machine > 3-5m|5-10m|10-16m

IFFB 3000 > 0.9-3m

MAX DIA3300mm
MIN DIA900mm
Z AXIS75mm
X AXIS250mm

Insitu Flange Facing Machine > 3-5m | 5-10m | 10-16m

3-5 m5-10 m10-16 m
Milling HeadUMP-7Spindle unit UMS 250Spindle unit UMS 250
Spindle NoseISO 50ISO 50ISO 50
Power – kW5.53.77.5
Quill Stroke-mm145Z AXIS 400mmZ AXIS 600mm
Max. Cutter Dia-mm200200200
Indexing Angle of Head+/- 45° in Vertical Plane+/- 45° in Vertical Plane+/- 45° in Vertical Plane
Slide UnitX-AXIS 600mmX-AXIS 600mmX-AXIS 600mm
MIN DIA / MAX DIA3000mm / 5000mm5000mm / 10000mm10000mm / 1600mm

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