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Precitec Edge Master - Conventional Milling and Boring Machine is specially designed for primarily edge milling operations of fabrication shops.

It can be used for applications like milling, profile milling, drilling, boring, etc., of thick long slabs etc., Precitec can provide machine with option of 1 or 2 milling head.

Applications :

  • Hole Operations : Drilling, Boring, Counter Boring, Tapping etc.
  • Used in heavy and medium industries for machining of jobs like large plates, heavy fabrications, flanges and drilling etc.,
  • Aluminum bus bar machining, rail machining & other similar application


  • This machine is developed for insitu drilling, milling and other operations on surfaces of large fabricated bases, welded structure.
  • The machine is designed to be fixed near the fabrication next to the surface to be machined. They carry out the machining on the required surfaces with milling cutter using carbide inserts.
  • Machine is suitable for face milling, drilling, reaming, boring etc.
  • Facilities to align and level the machines with the job are provided.
  • Different stroke lengths offered depending upon the customer requirements.
  • Milling Heads of different capacities are available depending upon the material to be removed.
  • The basic configuration of the machine is that of a vertical moving head type milling machine.


SpecificationsEdge Master 250Edge Master 400


Plate Length (mm) 4000 to 15000 (in steps of 1000mm) 4000 to 15000 (in steps of 1000mm)
Plate Thickness Range (mm) 20-150 20-300


No. of Spindles Units 1 (Optional 2nd spindles) 1 (Optional 2nd spindles)
Spindle Nose ISO-50 ISO-50
Spindle Quill Movement (mm) 125 125
Max. Cutter Size (mm) 250 400
Spindle Power (kW) 11 22
Y-Axis (mm) 600 900
Z-Axis (mm) 250 450
Stroke (mm) Plate length +200mm Plate length +400mm
Table Feed (Servo Drive)
Rapid Feed Rate (m/min) 6 6
Head Tilting (deg) ± 45 ± 45
Operations Capabilities Edge milling, bevelling, J grove bevelling, double side bevelling, drilling, 3 axis milling, boring etc. Edge milling, bevelling, J grove bevelling, double side bevelling, drilling, 3 axis milling, boring etc.

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