• This spindle unit is specially designed to suit existing Farrell
  • Vertical Turn mill machine (Table Dia.6mtr.). This unit is used to perform milling, drilling and counter boring operations.
  • This spindle attachment is especially used for the machines which have the inbuilt motorized spindles. By adopting this spindle attachment, we can achieve greater torque at lower speeds where the heavy duty milling is to be done.
  • The Spindle attachment shown here is suitable for use on 6mtr table dia Farrell VTL. However with suitable modification in adapter dimensions it can be made suitable for other makes of VTL, Horizontal Boring Machines, Plano milling machines etc.
  • The offset distance from Spindle to main spindle is 115mm.
  • Spindle attachment mounting is of vertical and horizontal type.
  • Spindle unit is of ISO 50 nose, which is suitable to mount the milling cutters, Boring bars and drilling adaptors.
  • Maximum torque that can be transmitted by the Spindle is 700Nm.
  • Tool clamping is of manual draw bar type.
  • Ø200mm Standard cutter diameter can be adapted, Ø400mm Maximum cutter diameter for finishing. Maximum solid drilling on M.S. Upto 50mm with U drill.

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