RUMH- 50-400
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RUMH- 50-400
RUMH- 50-400-side_view
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Precitec introduces new type of ram type milling head RUMH-5-400.

  • Now do face milling/side milling/angular milling in the same precitec RAM type milling head which also perform milling/boring/drilling/udrilling/groving/chamfering/edge beveling/j-grove edge preparations/ slotting/tapping etc with the same head.
  • Economical & easy to mount & suitable for fitment on most planers as retrofitment or on new machines.


  • Suitable for mounting on new planomillers and also existing planomillers & on Precitec's Milling & Boring Machine.
  • Rigid box type ram type construction
  • Heavy duty spindle with powers up to20 HP.
  • ISO50 spindle with tilting type head.
  • Provision to mount facing head, right angle milling attachment to make universal milling attachment
  • 400 mm up down stroke manual/optional powered)
  • Special tilting type back plate (optional)
  • Spindle speed up to1200 RPM, constant power from 112 RPM.
  • Motorised up-downwith servo feed-/ with  CNC control etc. For precision drilling/ boring/tapping applications (optional)


Specifications Values
Spindle Nose ISO 50
Spindle power 11kW standard(Optional 7.5/15)
Through coolant Optional
Ram stroke 400mm
Ram feed Manual/AC motor with Drive / AC servo motor (optional)
Feed motor 0.5HP (Optional: 16 Nm AC servo with servo reduction drive)
Ram feed rate 0-400mm/min (0-5000mm/min with servo motor)
Accessories Right Angle Milling Head
Control Options CNC controls with one/two/three axes with spindle drive etc.
Indicative Material Removal Rate on MS (with 11kW motor) 250 CC/min

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