Precitec introduces state of the art RMH-50/60-800 - Ram Type Planomilling Head.


  • Suitable for mounting on new planomillers and also existing planomillers & on Precitec's Milling & Boring Machine.
  • Perform drilling/u-drilling, boring, milling, grooving, tapping operation.
  • Rigid ram type construction
  • Heavy duty spindle with powers upto 30 HP.
  • ISO50 spindle with special integral 188 mm od flange for attachment mounting
  • Provision to mount facing head, right angle/universal milling head and other attachments.
  • Upto 800 mm stroke
  • Can be mounted horizontal or vertical
  • Special tilting type back plate (optional)
  • Upto 1200 RPMstandard/upto 3000 RPM optional
  • Power feed for up/down
  • Servo feed with CNCfor precision drilling/ boring/tapping applications (optional)
  • Fanuc/Siemens spindle motor drive with auto changing gears optionally available.


Specifications Values
Spindle Nose ISO 50/ BT 50 or ISO 60
Spindle power 15kW standard/Optional 11/15/22kW
Draw bar Manual/ Power-hydraulic operated(optional only with BT 50 taper)
Counter balance Hydraulic
Ram stroke 800 mm (optional 400/630/1000mm)
Ram feed AC motor with Drive / AC servo motor (optional)
Feed motor 2 HP/ Optional: 22Nm AC servo with servo gearbox
Ram feed rate 0-1200mm/min (0-5000mm/min with servo motor)
  • Right Angle Milling Head
  • Universal Milling Head
  • Boring and Facing Head
  • Long reach Boring/Milling Spindle.
Control Options Option 1: Standard: Simple panel with On/Off, For/Rev, Up/Down Controls. Option 2: Single Axis drive Control with Spindle Encoder feedback and Pitch feed control for tapping (standard pitches), boring etc. Option 3: CNC controls with one/two/three axes with spindle drive etc.
Maximum weight of accessories 500 Kgf

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