• Unique range of attachments for heavy machine tools like floor borers, VTL’S etc.
  • Precitec UAMBH-125 and UAMBH 250 heads creates Inclined axis movement to the machines enabling drilling, boring at any angle. UNIQUE ONLY SUCH HEAD IN THE WORLD.
  • Heavy duty right angle and universal milling heads with ISO 60 spindles.
  • Precitec B-25 heavy duty boring and facing attachments for floor bores with 250MM dia head. Suitable upto 700mm dia facing.
  • Single and Twin spindle speed increasers with Through Coolant option for fast heavy machining especially for U drilling operations.
  • Multi Spindle Heads, Grinding Attachments for VTL’s, Lathes, Milling attachments for floor lathe tool posts, Steady rests etc.

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