SooChi is an IoT based solution with unique sensors and software which helps to predict breakdowns, improve productivity and drive efficiency.

We Offer Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) alongwith Industrial Data Analytics Platform (IDAP) as a solution for digitizing industrial machines / equipment. Presenting Patented Vibration Analysis and Predictive Analytics Platform for Industrial IoT using edge computing, high-frequency data and time series pattern recognition powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML).

Why SooChi?

  • Patented Vibration Analysis and Predictive Analytics
  • Plug and Play Install: Digitize Any Equipment In within 1 Minute
  • FFT Analytics from 1st Sec
  • Instant Alerts by Email, SMS
  • High-Frequency predictive Maintenance
  • Monitor remotely and wirelessly
  • Flexible in all industry & software environments.
  • API to integrate with your existing software